What Sets Us Apart

Discover the Juno Difference: 
Quality Service - Detail Oriented - Holistic Approach

Quality Service

Continuous Training

  • All clinicians are required to complete additional training hours each year to increase their competencies.

  • All clinicians participate in regular group training and supervision.


  • The practice owner regularly checks in with staff and clients to make sure the highest quality care is being provided


  • The practice owner is available to consult with all clients, regardless of therapist, if there are any questions or additional needs.

Detail Oriented

  • We are detail-oriented and thoughtful in our approach to your mental health care and creating a comfortable environment.

Values Driven

  • We make decisions based on our company values: integrity, compassion, and fairness.

The Right Match

  • Our therapists have diverse specialties and approaches. We take the time to make sure you are matched with the right therapist.

Holistic Approach

Treating the Whole Person

  • We understand that many factors affect your mental health. We consider culture, faith, spirituality, lifestyle habits, values, family history, etc. when working with clients

Creative Approaches

  • We provide creative spaces and treatments to meet a holistic set of needs. This includes our sensory room, group therapy, guest speakers, and wellness events.

Strength-Based Focus on Wellness

  • The traditional medical model focuses on treating illness and getting people back to a baseline level of functioning.  At Juno Counseling and Wellness, we take a strength-based approach to focus on helping people thrive, flourish, and achieve optimal human functioning.