family counseling session in pbg

For siblings (adult or child), parent/child, or the whole family

You want your family to be a cohesive unit, but when you’re blending families, learning to co-parent, or struggling with behavioral issues in kids, it can leave you thinking, "I don’t even recognize us anymore." Our goal is to help you understand each other and interact effectively. Most families find positive change is easier and faster than they expect.

There are all kinds of family dynamics, and we have experience dealing with even some of the most complex issues. Family conflict can make us feel uprooted, unsafe, unsupported, and lost. It’s so challenging to experience conflict with the people you expect to be closest to.

Luckily, family therapy can be extremely effective, and we have found that just a few sessions can make a huge difference.

We work with the following family situations:

  • Parents and minor or adult children
  • Siblings (child or adult)
  • Entire families and extended family
  • Estranged families
  • Blended families
  • Families going through divorce
  • Families running a family business together
  • Families coping with a member’s illness or addiction
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