It’s time to tap into your tremendous potential and start earning what you’re worth

Executive and Performance Coaching & Private Practice Consulting with expert therapist and self-made entrepreneur, Dr. Vassilia Binensztok.

When you’re striving for new levels of success, you need to bring your best self.

You know you have what it takes to build and scale a successful business, but right now, something is holding you back. You think you can do it — you know you can do it — but you’re not living like you can do it. You’re still holding onto limiting beliefs and you’re stuck in a scarcity mindset. You know the key to unlocking unlimited opportunities and success starts with you.

You’re ready to let go of what’s holding you back, and become the confident, decisive, resilient powerhouse you’re meant to be.

I’ve worked with high-level CEOs, self-made millionaires, politicians, celebrities, and elite athletes.

And now, I’m opening spots to work with you.

Executive and Performance Coaching

By application only

This isn’t typical business coaching — this is a mind, body, and soul transformation that will propel you toward your highest business goals. My approach will be customized for you and your personal goals. With psychotherapy philosophies, somatic experiencing, nervous system support, eastern and western philosophy, mysticism, multi-disciplinary research, and holistic approaches, I’ll help you harness your strength so you can open yourself up to unlimited success.

Applicants must submit an application and participate in an interview with Dr. Vassilia Binensztok. Inquire for more information and to receive an application.


Private Practice Consulting

90-minute consultations in-person or on Zoom

You’re tired of working for less than you’re worth. You’ve been dreaming of starting your own private practice, but you’ve heard discouraging stories and you’re nervous to take the leap. I get it — I’ve been there! Now, I’ve built the practice of my dreams, and I’d love to help you get to the same place. In a 90-minute consultation session, I’ll show you how to build a successful private practice from the ground up.

  • Identify your ideal private practice and ideal client
  • Identify your niche and specialty
  • Learn to brand your practice and yourself
  • Learn to effectively use social media and websites
  • Learn to attract a full caseload of clients
  • Decide between insurance and private pay
  • Brainstorm services you can offer

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Dr. Vassilia Binensztok.

After growing up in a dysfunctional home, experiencing chronic childhood trauma, and losing my parents in a car accident at the age of 17, I thought good things would never happen to me. But even though my own father never completed high school, I went on to graduate from an Ivy League school, earn my Master’s and Ph.D., teach graduate courses, write multiple scholarly texts, found a successful business, and become a leader in my field.

That’s how I know that when you’re striving for new levels of success, the challenges you face aren’t just professional — they’re personal.

Now, I’m here to help high-performing professionals move through the childhood trauma and negative patterns holding them back to unleash their tremendous potential.

More success in your business than you ever thought possible starts here.

Reach out to learn more about 1:1 coaching or consultations with Dr. Vassilia Binensztok.

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