Therapy for Divorce, Coparenting, and Reunification

Divorce is a difficult decision and often a tumultuous time. With up to half of marriages ending in divorce, you are not alone. Maybe you tried marriage counseling and it did not work or maybe you found it impossible to even get to marriage counseling. While divorce can be hard to get through, it is often a new beginning. A divorce counselor can help you cope during the process and find ways to build a happier future. Divorce does not have to be traumatic for your family and children. Seeking divorce counseling can help you turn this time into one of growth and transformation, and can strengthen your relationships with children and other loved ones. Even the highest conflict divorce proceedings can become a lot more manageable with the use of counseling. As a high conflict divorce therapist, I am familiar with Florida family court laws and proceedings.

Divorce therapy for adults

Divorce is a stressful process that can bring up a lot of conflicting emotions. We may be dealing with betrayal, upset children, or strife with our ex-partner. Confusion, anger, anxiety, and sadness are very common during this process. Talking to someone can help you get out of your head and learn to feel better during and after your divorce. I specialize in helping people get through a divorce, including high conflict divorce.

Divorce therapy for children

Children in divorcing families might feel confused or guilty. They might learn too much about privacy issues or might start acting out for attention or control. I work with children to understand divorce, learn relaxation exercises, and find positive ways of coping. Supportive therapy can help minimize the risks that children face during divorce. Research has shown that divorce, itself, is not necessarily damaging to children. High conflict relationships between parents and high conflict divorce have been shown to be the most destructive factors for children. Counseling can help you minimize the stress your children face and make them more resilient to the effects of divorce.

Divorce counseling for families

Even when getting divorced, it can be helpful to meet together. Whether you would like to know how to explain your divorce to your children, come to an agreement before mediation, or get closure from the past, counseling can help you move on and past your divorce more smoothly. Seeking therapy to plan your divorce can save you money on long legal proceedings in the future.

Co-parenting counseling

If you have a custody agreement in place, I can help you create a plan for amicably sharing custody with minimal disagreements. As a trained parenting coordinator, I have experience working with co-parenting couples who have difficulty agreeing or avoiding conflict. Co-parenting doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Co-parenting counseling can help you implement a plan so you can enjoy your children while avoiding conflict and distress. Seeking out counseling during custody disputes can help reduce conflict between parents and help parents focus their interactions on the wellbeing of the children. Many people find they can be even better parents when they are no longer in relationships with their partners. Counseling can help you put aside your differences and be the best parents you can be.

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Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a short-term intervention that provides parents and caregivers with hands-on, here-and-now tools and interventions that empowers your relationship with your child and helps bring about improvement in your child’s behavior.