Signs You Need Couples Counseling Services

January 24, 2023

Long-term and committed relationships take work. Moreover, disagreements, arguments, and fights are inevitable. Unfortunately, people usually don’t go into a relationship with the tools to manage these challenges. Perhaps you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye on anything anymore. Your struggling marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce if your relationship is important enough to you and your spouse. One of the best ways to weather the storm and get that spark back is to try couples counseling services in Palm Beach Gardens.  

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Telltale Signs You Need Couples Counseling  

You Notice Significant Changes in the Bedroom  

Although it’s not unusual for a couple’s sex life to wind down a bit after being together for a while, significant changes in the bedroom can signify a deteriorating marriage. It may be time to find a counselor if one or both parties struggle to be intimate with each other due to a lack of interest, or there’s a substantial increase in sex because one partner is trying to make up for something they’re doing that’s wrong.  

You View One Another as the Antagonist  

A marriage won’t work unless the couple accepts and embraces that they’re in the relationship together, regardless of blame. It’s time to seek help if you feel that you and your partner are constantly on different sides and you no longer view yourself as a team.  

You Have Communication Issues  

It’s often difficult for communication between couples to go back in the right direction when it has already deteriorated. One partner may want to withdraw from a conversation if they feel judged, disregarded, shamed, or insecure due to negative communication. In some cases, one or both partners may refuse to talk to avoid arguments but demonstrate their anger and frustration through non-verbal communication. If left unaddressed, a severe communication breakdown can lead to emotional abuse.  

Do you and your spouse struggle to get along because every conversation almost always leads to fights?  A competent therapist can facilitate different ways to help you communicate with each other effectively if you and your spouse talk negatively, aren’t talking, or are too afraid to talk. Furthermore, they’ll help you become clear about your issues so you’ll learn how to recover from a bad fight and have productive communication.  

You’re Dishonest About Finances  

Financial infidelity can be as damaging to a relationship as an affair. Couples could break up, and marriages could end when one partner controls everything related to finances, lies about their spending habits, or other financial information, such as credit card statements, purchases, and hidden receipts. If financial infidelity strains your marriage, counseling services can help you determine how to approach the issue and work it out without the conflict.  

When One of You Is Having an Affair  

One of the most difficult hurdles to get over in a relationship is sexual infidelity. However, this problem often stems from a breakdown in the marriage. In most cases, men who decide to have an affair don’t feel respected by their wives. Likewise, lonely women who don’t feel loved and cherished by their husbands are prone to infidelity. If you or your spouse is having an affair, a therapist can help you find the best option to move forward.  

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Do You Need Couples Counseling Services in Palm Beach Gardens?  

Dr. Vassilia Binensztok and her team of professional therapists at Juno Counseling and Wellness are committed to helping couples understand the root of their struggles, unearth the path to healing, and make positive lasting changes. Contact us today for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.