Solution Focused Therapy

February 14, 2023

Solution Focused Therapy

By Vanessa Gonzalez

We often hear of traditional talk therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy. However, most talk therapies are typically long-term and require changing thoughts and patterns that require more focus.

However, solution-focused brief therapy, or solution-focused therapy (SFT), is another form of psychotherapy that doesn't require such long-term focus. Instead, as the name suggests, it focuses on finding solutions to specific problems or issues and on the client's strengths and resources rather than on the person's issues.

So, rather than focusing on how to interpret or analyze issues or problems, it focuses on the current issue and finding a specific solution that can be done here and now to resolve the issue. Its goal is to elicit hope and create positive behavioral change.

Solution-Focused Therapy can treat:

· Anxiety· Low self-esteem· Substance Use· Relational issues· Depression· Stres

So, this modality is best used when the client has a specific issue in mind. Such as reducing alcohol consumption or an issue with a loved one.

While SFT can help treat symptoms mentioned above, it is unsuitable for issues requiring more intensive therapy, such as schizophrenia. However, it can be used alongside a more intensive and suitable treatment modality.

How SFT Works

In a session, the therapist and client will work collaboratively to set the client's goals and explore solutions to overcome the problem. In addition, the therapist will inquire about the client's strengths and resources and bring awareness to the client's strengths.

Thus, this will help shift the client's focus to a more solution-oriented approach rather than focusing on the problem they are trying to solve.

Sessions are typically around an hour. However, sometimes, they can be less than half an hour. While these sessions are usually a few months, sometimes, these sessions can be given in a stand-alone brief session and do not need to be ongoing.

Some Techniques

· Miracle question· Scaling question· Coping questions· Exceptions to the problem at hand· Previous solutions that have worked in the past· Providing compliments

Since Solution Focused therapy is short-term, it may not be a good fit for you. Someone with more severe issues may need more time or a different modality.

Or, if someone is more withdrawn or resistant to the counseling process, that client may need more time to open up to build the therapeutic relationship. Whatever the case, solution-focused therapy can be a very effective tool for many issues.

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