Private Practice Consulting

dr from juno counseling and wellness

Are you finally ready to take the leap into private practice? Tired of working for someone for less money than you’re worth?  You may have lots of questions about where to start and see people who are successful, wondering how they got there. You also may have heard lots of discouraging stories.

Don’t despair! I felt the same way and, through research and hard work, learned to build the practice of my dreams.  I love going to work every day and look forward to innovative ways to continue to build on what I do.  I would love to help you get to the same place!

I will help you to:

  • Identify your ideal private practice
  • Identify your ideal client
  • Identify your niche and specialty
  • Learn to brand your practice and yourself
  • Learn to effectively use social media and websites
  • Learn to attract a full caseload of clients
  • Decide between insurance and private-pay
  • Identify what makes you unique and brainstorm services you can offer

I can work with you anywhere you are, either in-person or through Zoom meetings.

You will be given a purpose statement form, in which you will detail what brings you into counseling, what your goals are for private practice, and what your specialties are.

I will review your existing website, social media accounts, resume, purpose statement, and any related documents before our first meeting. Our initial meeting will last for an hour and a half and most people find this is sufficient for learning to get started!