Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

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Quick Facts:

  • TIR is a short-term treatment for trauma.
  • Sessions are typically 90 minutes to 120 minutes long.
  • Useful for adults, teens, and children.

Multiple studies show:

  • Improvement in PTSD and trauma symptoms.
  • Improvement in Depression.
  • Improvement in Anxiety.

Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR) offers a targeted, short-term therapy aimed at helping individuals of all ages - children, teens, and adults - who have endured various forms of trauma. This trauma could stem from experiences such ascrime-related or interpersonal violence, warfare, disasters, torture, childhood maltreatment, neglect, emotional abuse, traumatic loss, or other intense, shocking events. TIR focuses on alleviating symptoms associated withpost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and diminished feelings of personal efficacy by reuniting the cognitive and emotional components of traumatic memories that have been separated.

TIR sessions typically last 90 minutes, up to 120 minutes, during which a therapist guides the individual through the process of confronting and resolving past traumas. The number of sessions required can vary widely; some individuals may find relief after just one or two sessions, while others with more persistent distress may need more time. Each session of TIR starts with the crucial step of assessment, where individuals pinpoint the key issue they wish to tackle. This issue might be a specific traumatic event or a pervasive negative emotion, belief, or thought pattern. In cases where a more general theme is identified, it serves as a lens to focus on particular incidents needing resolution.

Following the assessment, the session moves into the viewing phase, where the individual delves into the details of the traumatic event. This includes examining the timing, duration, emotional and cognitive engagement with the event, and providing a verbal recounting of what happened. By the end of a TIR session, individuals are expected to achieve a level of calmness and control when discussing their traumatic experiences, free from the resurgence of distressing symptoms.

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